Earth Gambit: Light

Earth Gambit: Light features simple, easy to explain mechanics, where players have to make difficult decisions with limited options. Play your cards for the win or just to hold on for one more turn!

Earth Gambit: Light is a social adventure game with extraterrestrials, hidden identities, and tough choices. In this game, you will play as the Aliens, the Scientists, or the Extinctionists, who each have very different plans for Earth and the course of the Earthlings' science. Advance the science and share your research with other players, but who can you trust with these groundbreaking discoveries?

Time is limited, options even more so.

Draw one, play one, pass one, and keep one for the future (if there will be one).

Don't think too hard, it's not chess, it’s just the fate of Earth in your hands.

Can you make the right choice if there is no good choice at all?

Frequently asked questions

Should the Psych card stay in effect for another round if the player who played it is skipped?

The Psych Weapon or Psych Defence should be discarded even if the player who played it is skipped.

When can the Cancel Psych card Special Ability be used?

Cancel Psych card Special ability can be used both before any Psych card has been played, right after it has been played, or any time while it's active.

Can you play Heal or Damage card without effect?

Yes, you can choose to heal someone who isn't damaged, or you can choose to damage someone who is already damaged. In this case the card is played, but it has no effect, and is simply discarded.

What do the little icons on the bottom right of the Special Ability cards mean?

It is the recommended number of players when those cards should be mixed into the Special Ability deck.

Can you play Steal Card on yourself?

Yes, like all action cards, requiring a target, you can play Steal Card on any player, including yourself. In this case, you will play another hand card of your choice, and take a new card from the draw pile.

How are roles distributed in case of 2 players?

In case of 2 players, 3 role cards (1 Alien, 1 Scientist, and 1 Extinctionist) are shuffled, and each player gets 1 role card randomly. After that, the 3rd unused role card is discarded face down.

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